Twisted yarns

As the twisting capacity is substantially higher than the consumption of its own weaving mill, De Amtex SpA has recently decided to enter in the market, both as yarn supplier, as well as yarn converter. De Amtex SpA is mainly specialized in the twisting of high tenacity polyamide 6, polyamide 6.6 and polyester. Recent hiring of 'experts' in yarn twisting, enable us today to work also with other fiber materials and widen the possibilities to utilize the full potential of our machine park. In the table below the most common yarns are listed, but the technical possibilities are wider. Thanks to the different types of machines, De Amtex SpA can offer twisting in a range from 50dTex to 20.000dTex, with customized twist specifications. In addition to this, De Amtex SpA is also able to twist the base yarn together with an antistatic yarn, obtaining an hybrid product (e.g. polyester twisted with antistatic yarn) with physical characteristics of the base yarn but with the additional property of being able to discharge electrical charges.

Due to the recent investments De Amtex SpA can twist more threads together to produce cords. De Amtex's products are usually used in industrial applications, but thanks to the versatility of its machines and to the experience of its staff, it is possible to evaluate requests for other final applications.

Yarns table


De Amtex SpA is equipped to heatset the yarn when needed. During this process the yarn is stabilized, diminishing its vivacity in case of highly elevated twist levels and consequently making its use in downstream processes easier.