De Amtex SpA is always aiming at high customer satisfaction, and consequently undertakes all the necessary actions to guarantee a quality level complying to the customer expectations. High priority is given to the evaluation of suppliers, who must show to be trustable partners, respecting quality requirements and delivery terms. Moreover since long time De Amtex SpA invests in the research and development of techniques and instruments applicable to its production processes. The company is also aware that human factor has a huge influence on the quality of its products and consequently pays great attention to the training of its workforce. The quality controls made through the whole process, allow intercepting possible quality deviations and undertaking the required corrective and preventive actions. Machines are subjected to periodic maintenance in order to keep their performance and safety to the highest standard.
The quality system assures full traceability from the receipt of raw materials until release of the finished product. At the end of the process fabrics and yarns are visually inspected.